New logo...Who this?

New logo...Who this?

The first part of our rebrand transition is complete, Freetime has a brand new logo as well as a fresh new seal. It was a lot of fun working on this and it was great to achieve some of the things that I wanted to the first time round but couldn't with the old name.

I always wanted to use a juicy serif typeface for West by Three but couldn't find one I liked. The magic dust turned out to be Tiempos Headline Bold by Kilm Foundry and combining that with a single word name, I was able to achieve a tight kerning that gives the wordmark a solid presence that I am really enjoying.

The seal has a lot of meaning to us, the sun is either rising or setting on the mountains, you choose. To us this defines Freetime, if the sun is rising it is a day off work and we are looking forward to a day of brewing, deliveries and festivals. Likewise if the sun is setting it is the end of the work day at our day jobs and it is time to put in the extra work that keeps the lights on, like admin, sales and marketing either way it is Freetime and that is what we are about.

I am busy rolling out the logo transition and over the coming weeks you will see some exciting changes:

Firstly, look out for our merch pre-order that will be happening in a few days time, we will be offering the opportunity to snag some discounted merch which will help us fund our rebranding effort.

The website will be switching over in early February and our new social media accounts will be going live then.

The rebrand culminates with the most important thing, new beer releases at Craft Beer Rising in London February 21st - 23rd, hopefully we see you there!



January 23, 2019 — Hamish Thain