Hello, we are Freetime Beer Co.

a micro-brewery in Wales brewing small batches of craft beer available in keg and cask. We brew a broad variety of styles using the finest ingredients and tasty Welsh water.

Always unfined, we won't add any unnecessary crap to our beer. Instead, we use a combination of time, temperature and, if appropriate, filtering to achieve the specific clarity for the style.

Our batches may be small but we have big dreams. If you are interested in knowing more we would love to hear from you.

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Mating Surfaces

Pale Ale

Soft, oaty and drinkable are the qualities we aimed for in this little pale ale. It starts with a heavy oat and wheat base, Mosaic and Citra in the whirlpool impart soft peach and pear qualities and Lallemand NE yeast for a dryish finish.

ABV. 4.2%


Freetime Spezial

Helles Style Lager

This is one of our favourite beer styles, simple yet special. The classic sweet bready base comes from the Pils and Vienna malts which is countered with spiciness from Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Finished light and clean by the Weihenstephan W34/70 yeast.

ABV. 4.8%


Beers currently out of rotation but many will return throughout the year, watch this space.

Constant Curvature

Pale Ale

This small beer is given a flavourful head start with a yeast blend of SO4 and WB06, the traditional British ale fruitiness is complimented by the banana esters from the Bavarian yeast.

Additions of Comet and coriander seeds contribute to the fragrance and a lemon and ginger tea infusion rounds out a flavourful dry finish.

3.5% ABV.


Gose Coloured Spectacles


A kettle sour with additions of Himalayan Pink Salt, blueberry puree and wild foraged blackberries collected by Rich whilst out exploring Wales on his mountain bike. 

ABV. 5.3%

Quantum Connections

DDH Table Beer

Our main goal with small beers is bang for your buck. A combination of Cara malts, Oats and wheat add depth and body. We selected Centennial for floral and earthy bitter notes, and Mosaic for it's depth. The result, a low alcohol beer with another dimension.

ABV. 3.5%


Kettle Sour

The journey starts with two days in the kettle and some Lacto. Hibiscus and Citra combine in the Whirlpool marrying flower and sour. Finally it is bottom fermented and lagered for a clean, fruity and dry finish.

ABV. 5.6%

IPA - HPA Farms 035 | Amarillo


Our revolver IPA, this time round we are marrying the new new with the new world. HPA 035 is an experimental hop from HPA farms in Australia, bringing notes of Orange, Peach and a dry spiciness reminiscent of White Pepper. The pairing of this rich experimental hop with the now classic zesty qualities of the Amarillo creates a refreshing balanced pale ale.

ABV. 5.8%


West Coast IPA

We are big fans of this modern classic IPA, it is the beer we cut our teeth brewing and drinking.  Additions of crystal, cara and munich malts create the candy marmalade base necessary to balance the Amarillo and Centennial additions to the boil.  Aroma is brought to you by an Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade dry hop.

Resulting in an easy going IPA with reassuring bitterness, flavours of spiced orange and a light zesty aroma.

ABV. 5.4%

P is for Pineapple

Milkshake IPA

Inspired by our beer 52 collab, we up'd the Pineapple puree, then cut the distinct fruit flavour with East coast yeast and a late addition Citra dry hop.

The mouth party concludes with some sweet creaminess from Lactose, hopefully it brings all the people to the yard.

ABV. 6%

Freetime Beer Co.

19 St. Lukes Court
Swansea SA1 7ER
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Freetime is the result of two friends, their love for good beer and a shared dream of building a craft business in Wales.

Hamish and Rich both grew up in Wales and have been passionate homebrewers for several years. Rich is still in the motherland while Hamish has settled in the USA.

The two met at school in Brecon when they were eleven years old and have been friends ever since. Distance has not stopped them from sharing recipes back and forth across the pond. Their passion for beer and the inspiring new wave UK craft beer scene paired with a firsthand understanding of the formidable US craft brewing movement led them to dream of founding a brewery.

The first incarnation from 2016-2018 was known as West by Three, however in February 2019 after a draining trademark dispute, Freetime was born. Both Hamish and Rich continue to work their day jobs as well as running the brewery, the name Freetime seemed like the obvious choice for the second chapter of this adventure.

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